About LJMprints

Our Story.

LJMprints is the start of LJM as a brand and as an artist, LJMprints is an artist that creates high quality prints on matte fibrous marital that makes the piece shiny and full of colour making the overall artwork the center of any room that you step into and with the technology we use the art piece reflects light making the brightest of colour shine but also makes the darker tones bolder making the main image really expressive meaning every angel and any light either that is natural or artificial, It will be the center of the room!

The Collections. 

All of our collections are extremely limited but very unique due to the way we produce the artwork. As soon as an order is placed we begin manufacturing your piece,for everyone and anyone that buys a piece it may not be the same as somebody else making your piece truly unique to you, But we check each piece before its sent off to you as our customer make sure its the highest of standard that LJM provide. 

The Original 1 of 1 pieces. 

Every collection we produce has a 1 of 1 original piece that is signed and numbered by LJM themselves and that will be sold eventually at an auction by LJM at a specific time and date and will have a start price that people can bid on LIVE! and the winning bidder will be notified and will receive an authentication certificate that is also signed by the creator LJM.